Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Sale By Owner Help

Understanding traditional commission fees may be 4%, 5%, 6%, and even 7%, I decided to approach the process of listing a home on the MLS in a different fashion.  As a consumer I shop around and research what is available to help me achieve my goal.  As a real estate broker I also evaluated what homeowners needed and how to help them achieve their goal for a reasonable fee.  I set up 2 plans to help homeowners save money when it came to marketing and selling their home.  I offer a flat fee MLS listing service as well as a flexible fee MLS listing service.

  1. The 5 Star Flat Fee MLS Listing Service is designed to give the For Sale By Owner a marketing edge.  There are several pricing packages available to suite the For Sale By Owners needs.                                                                               
  2. Our Flexible MLS Listing Service has no up front costs and still allows the homeowner to find a buyer.  Our fees are as low as 1% and are never more than 3%.
Our internet marketing has a variety perks such as virtual tours, video tours, personal property websites, and multiple professional grade photos.

To receive more information or to set an appointment to discuss how we can save you a significant amount of money call Mark Hannigan at 631-766-5959 or email:

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