Friday, December 16, 2011

Selling Your Home Without an Agent or with some Assistance (MLS Flat Fee Listing Service) is a smart move.

A home is listed as an FSBO or For Sale by Owner when the homeowner elects to sell their home without paying or paying a fraction of the traditional commission fees to a realtor to coordinate the sale of their home.  It's possible to pull off a sale without the assistance of a realtor, but it comes with extra responsibilities usually covered by an agent.

A good listing agent will typically advise you on the type of repairs or appearance upgrades that might make your home more attractive to a buyer.  A good agent will also give you the facts regarding the current market value of your home.  As an FSBO, it's wise to replace the agent's feedback with similar critiques from from other parties, such as co-workers, family or friends.  Try to arrange a mock viewing from someone who may have recently bought a home or may be in the market for a new home.  Getting feedback from others may help you prep your home better.

You as a FSBO will have to market your home yourself.  That could entail spreading word of mouth amongst friends, family and co-workers.  Other options are: taking out classified ads in papers (not cost effective) and on realty websites, or paying a realtor (Realty 123 Inc.) to get your home placed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  You'll want to take good, high-resolution photographs of your home is at it's cleanest and most organized time.  Curb appeal will draw buyers in and a clean, pleasant scented home will only help seal the deal. Click her for Free Real Estate Tips.  Open houses can be held, which you also have to promote on your own or have your Flat Fee Broker post the dates and times on all of their websites and real estate syndicated sites.

You will also have to deal upfront with interested buyers and their agents to schedule viewings.  When an offer is made, you will negotiate on your own with the buyer and/or their agent, reviewing their bid and submitting counter offers as you see fit.  Successfully selling your home as an FSBO has a clear benefit and there is little to no commission to pay out to an agent, so that extra 3% to 5% stays in your pocket.

Realty 123 Inc. offers several Flat Fee Listing Programs that will save homeowners thousands of dollars as well as assist with negotiations and closing coordination for homeowners who opt for the broker assisted 5 Star Flat Fee Program.  The bottom line is Realty 123 Inc. will save FSBO (For Sale By Owners) thousands of commission dollars.  MLS Flat Fee Listing Services is a wise and affordable solution, there is no need to utilize an over rated and over priced commission based brokerage firm when Realty 123 Inc. communicates and cooperates with all brokers and agents to insure a smooth, positive and successful transaction.

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